Meet Mr. John Doe. . .


A stranger to himself, Mr. Doe awakens to discover that he is a patient at the Mayfaire Facility.  Suffering from amnesia, he is terrified by the realization that he is constantly in the companionship of a hideous monster only he can see.  He refers to this entity as simply the Gruesome.



Mr. Doe is the prime suspect in the murder of several of Mayfaire's staff members.  With the help of his new psychiatrist, Dr. Leslie Reynolds, and through the process of hypnosis he recalls the full gamut of his experiences at Mayfaire.  He does not, however, regain any recollection of either his true identity or his past life prior to Mayfaire.  He is therefore forced to trust the very monster he despises most, the one entity he truly fears.

Murder At Mayfaire



2001 National Writer's Association Novel Contest - 1st Place Award Winner


2003 New Century Writer's Association Novel Contest - Finalist


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