Five years after Leaving Montgomery. . .


Maxwell Grunor is just your typical ten year old boy.  There is only one thing different about him, the people around him keep dying. . .


This story centers around Max's stepparents, Charlie and Nancy Bellamy, and their failed attempt to conceive a child.  Caught in the center of the strange and violent events which transpire at the Bellamy household, young Max, ever the more tormented by the ghostly meddling of his dead father, Montgomery, aka -- The Gruesome, continues his advance toward adolescence.


As Max's telekinetic abilities begin to manifest themselves, so too does his desire to be free of his monster's constant torment.  Indeed the only friend it seems the boy can rely upon is the headstrong psychiatrist, Doctor Albert Porter, who quickly takes an interest in Max's case after experiencing the ten year old's unique, and somewhat mystifying, talents for himself.

Baby In The Bellamy's Basement



2004 National Writer's Association Novel Contest - 1st Place Award Winner


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