Born: November 21, 1974


Writing has been a personal passion of mine since I can remember.  I am a graduate of Notre Dame Law School (2000) and I am currently practicing law in Boca Raton, Florida.


The following is a full catalogue of the novels I've written:


- Amarillo Island (Romatic Comedy)

- Burger World (Contemporary Fiction/Thriller)

- Captain of the Cornfield (Psychological Thriller)

- The Devil Loves Daisy (Mystery/Thriller)

- The Followers (Psychological Thriller)

- The Irresistible Martha Bailey (Horror/Thriller)

- The View from Thunderbolt Charlie (Religious Contemporary)

- The Final Word (Sci-Fi)


and of course...


The Gruesome Series, Books I - VII as well as two other Gruesome novels, Monster in My Closet and the original Maxwell's Monster.


Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your interest in The Gruesome Series.  I would be happy to entertain any suggestions or comments you may have.  My email address is

About The Author

Anthony R. Gonzales