Q: Is The Gruesome Series currently under representation or in publication?

A: No.  However I am currently seeking representation or publication.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.  My e-mail address is: agonzales@thegruesome.com.


Q: Have you written any other novels?

A: Yes I've written a total of seven other novels as well as three other Gruesome Series novels (mentioned below) which I at long last decided to pull out of The Gruesome chronology.


Q: Are there any other Gruesome novels besides the first seven?

A: Books I-VII are actually what I consider the seven best Gruesome novels I've written.  However, I've recently decided to extract Book V, Trial of the Monster in an effort to market the other six novels as one complete book.  There are also two other full length novels which are no longer a part of the full length Gruesome chronology.  For example, Book II, Baby in the Bellamy's Basement, replaced a previous novel entitled, Monster in My Closet (an award winner in its own right).  It was withdrawn from the series simply because I believed the book's content slowed the overall progress of the full Gruesome story.  Also, Book III, The Beast of Brushwood replaced a previous book entitled Maxwell's Monster. 


Q: Are you planning on writing any more Gruesome novels?

A: To be honest, that's a hard question to answer.  Book VII, Overcoming Oliver, makes a strong conclusion for the overall story.  But, a good writer always leaves a little "wiggle room" for his or her story to branch out in new directions.  The reason I started writing this series in the first place was to try and somehow communicate something new and original about the human condition in general.  (For example, what motivates people when they feel angry, sad, or in love.) I still believe I have more to say with the cast of characters I've created for The Gruesome, so I guess the answer may be yes.


Q: What audience is The Gruesome geared toward?

A: The Gruesome is written for an adult audience, though adolescents would enjoy it as well.  It would certainly not make a good children's bedtime story.


Q: What type of book is The Gruesome?

A: The Gruesome Series would best be categorized as a psychological thriller.


Q: How do I contact you if I have any questions?

A: You can email me at agonzales@thegruesome.com.

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